Here's some details how my workflow looks like! 
Collect the Info!
At our first meeting, we will need some common answers, such as: What is the video format? Is there a Script? On which platform is this product going to be published?, When and where is the project taking a place?.
Such information is essential in the early stages of any project, it would make it much easier for all involved to make this project happen.
Sure, there is projects where such answers are under development, sometimes a brainstorm with your crew is needed to decide why? When? And how. The Team is happy therefore to be part of this process. Collect & share Info you have already, and we will see where this is going.

Why hire Me?
It is very important, to understand that hiring us is not only hiring a camera person or an Editor. We might have more ideas to put it, and most importantly a vision that we integrate in our projects.
Long story short, if you are looking for someone to technically film or edit your project in a certain way, [we can manage that for you] but I might not be the perfect fit for this position. But if you were looking for more creative input, then we are looking forward for your project.

Legal and Financial Management
All Services provided by me and the team, are officially presented by In-Haus Media, As you may noticed in the footer of the site -for business inquiries please contact therefore our cooperation, contracts, bills, offers and recourses are issued by In-Haus e.V.
In In-Haus, The Media Team will make sure this project gets executed as stable as planned, with the highest quality possible. Aside from that, All Technical, Crew, Logistics, is provided by In-Haus Resources.

The Team
Producers, Production Managers, Art Directors, Technical Assistants. All those are main factors of making a great product. In our work, booking me, means booking the team. A group of Creative Individuals who will provide all they have got, to make this project, easy, stable, and creative.

Collect the info you have currently, and send us a request on the email below, the team will get back to you as soon as your email gets noticed. If you got a certain budget your need to be limited to, share this in the email, and if all necessary information is collected. We will send our price.
The price in our offers is usually unnegotiable, if you find our prices are slightly different then your expectations. (available only in -10% difference) We are happy to adjust our offer.
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