Who is Salman Abdo?
Salman Abdo is a Syrian filmmaker, based in Cologne, Germany, specialised in Post-Productions. Known as Film Editor, Colorist, and Creative Director.
He's Experienced with all types of visual products (Music Videos, Commercials, TV Shows, Documentaries, News Reports, Stage visuals, etc..), and well-versed in Sound and Graphic Design, SFX creating.
Salman works on Freelancing basis with many networks such as WDR, MBC Group, Aljazeera, and more.
Currently, Salman is working as Public Relations Manager and Marketing Executive at In-Haus e.V. (www.ihaus.org)! focusing in his projects on Social Engagement, Empowerment, and a lot of Racism critical projects.
During his work with In-Haus e.V., Salman got the opportunity to be part of many projects that concern the German Politics. with a connection of ministries, and National Programs like "Demokratie Leben" and many others.

I started in the Media industry as Sound Editor since 2012, in Damascus. I then worked more on my video editing skills. moved to many cities such as Dubai, Amman, then Istanbul. worked with several companies as a Sound Designer and/or Video Editor.
In 2015, We decided to start a family business company called "REDx" in Germany. and connect it to our relations in Turkey and UAE.
Until 2020, REDx is providing clients and companies of Turkey and the Middle East, Media productions services.
Since 2018 I've been working and specializing in Content and Creative Directing at In-Haus e.V..
I position my self currently to focus on the PR work of In-Haus e.V.. and through that focus also on the PR work of other fellow NGOs.
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